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Pastor Michael Ahua

The Chaplain & chairman, chapel elders committee

Rev. Michael Terese Ahua, born on the 6th of August, he has a  In geography and planning, certificates in leadership diploma, biblical studies and project management. He is married to Joy Ikana Ahua and blessed with four amazing children. He loves reading, writing, listening to music, writing documentaries and driving. He hails from Benue state.

Pastor David Callistus

Deputy chaplain & youth church pastor

Pastor Callistus Puaneido David was born on the 16th of June. He has a in geology and mining, certificates in basic bible training, school of chaplaincy and diploma in school of ministry. He is married to Esther Oyidu David and blessed with three beautiful children. He hails from Adamawa state. He loves reading, writing and listening to music.

Pastor Leke Ampitan

Assistant Chaplain 1

Pastor Leke Ampitan is an indigene of Kogi state, born on the 19th of May. He has a national diploma in building technology. He is married to Mary Ampitan and blessed with three lovely children. He loves studying, singing and praying.

Pastor Joshua Attah

Assistant Chaplain 2

Pastor Joshua Attah is an indigene of Kogi state, born on the 3rd of October. He has a bible school certificate. He is happily married to Queen Esther Attah. He loves traveling.